about me & my journey

I'm Puja Misra

Founder & Lead Photographer

I am a portrait photographer specializing in Personal Brand Photography & Family Portraits / Legacy shoots. 

Since childhood, I was always drawn towards fashion, art & photography. Like any other girl, I would love to play dress up, do my hair & makeup. Little did I know that this interest of mine would later turn into my choice of career. I graduated from university specializing in textile & fashion design & later worked in the fashion world in the three countries that I have lived as a lead designer for many big name export & retail brands. Although I love the fashion industry I knew that my inner calling was for something where I could make a difference in people's personal & professional lives.

I realized my true purpose & calling the day my daughter came home looking for our family photos for her class assignment & as I was looking through our family albums I realized that there were hardly any photographs of myself & that I was missing in them. After gaining weight over the years I began avoiding the camera. Around the same time, I also noticed a similar pattern with so many women & no matter the body type (lean or curvy) this was the case.

It was in that moment I decided to set out on a Journey, on a Mission to change this perception of women of not feeling good enough about themselves in their own skin. This gave birth to the creation of Legacy Portraits, a transformative experience for women that allowed me to marry & tie in all the things I loved, Fashion, Styling, Hair, Makeup, Photography & tied in with my calling of Making a Difference in people's personal lives, where I could see the impact these portraits had giving women confidence & helping them connect them with their true beautiful self.

My passion & goal as a portrait photographer is to photograph every woman who thinks she is not photogenic, the woman who says she'll get her photograph taken when she loses a few pounds, the mother who looks through the family album & sees herself missing because she is avoiding the camera. I am on a mission to help all women exist in portraits. Love & Celebrate who you are right now, for the people who love you, your family, your friends, your spouse but more than that Yourself! I know what beautiful looks like because I can see it in every woman & my goal is to help show you that through my camera. I want to photograph women no matter what size or shape they are in currently, to empower and give them the confidence to say to themselves, I am Good Enough Now!