Kids grow up so fast and before you know it they are adults... My older daughter is 18 now and moved to university this year. The last time I did family photoshoot professionally was when my little daughter was born which was more then 10 years ago. I know from my personal experience that I will appreciate these portraits & this special day with my daughters even more when I will be looking back at these fabulous portraits many years from now - It's an everlasting memory for all of us. 

We all very much enjoyed the warm experience and meeting your lovely family which can make anyone feel very comfortable and at ease. It was lots of fun and very professional at the same time. Puja can do wonders in her studio creating many different environments in merely blink of the eye, setting stage for the magic to take place. She will guide you through the whole photography session to ensure you will get the most flattering pictures. 

I would definitely recommend to every family invest one day from their life in the photoshoot which will result in fantastic portraits which will stay with your family & your children forever.

Thank you so much for making the whole experience so warm, exciting & fun. I would even say magical with all the transformation happening in front of your eyes and fabulous result in the end. I am going to recommend all my friends to work with you. Puja you are The Best!


Family Portraits / Legacy Shoot

I loved my photoshoot with Zoom into Life photography. It was a great experience working with Puja. I had no idea what to expect for my first individual shoot but she explained everything and made me feel comfortable throughout. I felt so glamorous on the day of my shoot with my hair and makeup and learnt some awesome tips for posing. It was such a professional and fun experience, I would definitely recommend a session with Puja! 


Beauty Portraits

"As a working mother of two young children, worn down by the daily grind of work, life & imbalance, getting my portraits done was number 87 in my priority list. That was until a conversation with Puja sharing her views on celebrating womanhood and allowing ourselves to be pretty at every stage of life. A lot of what she had to say resonated with me in a deep personal way, so I decided to go ahead (admittedly, a bit nervous at first!) and do something nice for myself for a change. As the date approached, the excitement began and oh boy! was I ever glad I did this! the end result was fabulous portraits capturing me in a very natural, fun and relaxed state of mind. I would highly recommend Puja's talent and skill as a must have experience for every woman, or as a special gift from any one that has a woman in their lives." Every woman should have their contemporary beauty shoot done!


 Family Portraits Legacy Shoot

I became interested in trying a makeover photo shoot after reading other women's comments about how good it made them feel about themselves. I've been going through some major transitions in my life, and it felt like something like this would be a real pick me up. I'm so glad I did it! I think as women in this society we're so used to seeing ourselves in an unflattering way, always focusing upon what we feel is not good enough about our bodies or how we look.  

Any time I've had photographs taken in the past, I've never been happy with how they turned out. I usually find it difficult to even look at pictures of myself, because my eye always goes to what I think is not okay. I can honestly say that this is the first time I've looked at photographs of myself and been really and truly happy with them. Really all of the photos taken are so beautiful. Words cannot express how overwhelming it was to walk in and watch the video and to see all those photos on the wall and I think that all of them were beautiful...that I Look Beautiful in them. 

I absolutely love my photos and know that I will always cherish them and the memories of our photo shoot.  


Beauty Portraits

While in the midst of studying for exams, I had received an email from my mom that we were apparently having some sort of a photoshoot done. I actually had two formal photoshoots done before, one for a friend of mine's birthday party a number of years ago, and another with an acquaintance of my mom's. I remember not being as content as I thought I would be with the pictures; I felt as if the pictures didn't really reflect me very well. Come to think of it, I'd never really been quite content with pictures that other people take of me.

Coming into your photoshoot, I was hopeful that this one would be different from the rest – and it was, and more. I immediately felt that you and your team really cared about me as an individual; that you all really wanted to bring out the best of me through your photographs and through the experience as a whole, which you all most certainly did. For the first time, I was really happy with how my pictures turned out, and like you said, it's certainly a confidence booster when you can stand in front of the lens and be captured for how you see yourself. Not only that, but you also provided an amazing mother-daughter experience for my mom and I. You're right – we look like we could be sisters! Again, thank you so much for the incredible experience; it was truly an experience that I'm certain my mom and I will never forget and will be able to look back on for the years to come.


Family Portraits / Legacy Shoot

I was stunned and speechless when I saw my portraits! I look like a supermodel! Puja captured my personality and highlighted my features in a tasteful, classy and artful way. My portraits show my inner fire and a feminine dainty side that I never even realized I had.
The care and attention to detail made the experience surreal. It was comfortable, fun, and unassuming. All women should have this experience on their bucket list. You may just find things out about yourself you never knew and will no doubt feel empowered and more confident than you ever have before.
Puja has a remarkable passion for life, the art of photography and capturing the aspects that make us all beautiful and unique from within.


Beauty Portraits

My photo shoot is something I will treasure forever! From hair & makeup to styling & ambiance during the shoot, everything was par excellence. I felt like a model of a fashion magazine & didn't want the shoot to end ever. It was one of the most empowering & uplifting experience of my life. Since I have seen my portraits I have a feeling of inner happiness, its a feeling that I don't have enough words to describe them. I cant stop showing my portraits to everyone I meet. Zoom Into Life knows how to capture a woman's natural inner beauty. I would 100% recommend every woman to get their Beauty shoot done from Puja, the boost in confidence that this shoot will give them as it has given me is priceless. Puja you are a superstar!


Beauty Portraits

I had a great experience with Zoom Into Life because I got a chance to find out what modelling is all about. I always had a dream to become a model or an actress when I grow up. When I saw my portraits I couldn't believe my eyes, I looked like a Model. I know now that someday I can & will be a model.This was a great experience which made me feel that I can do it & gave me confidence to pursue my dream further in the future.

Nika (Age 10 years)

Beauty Portraits

This was my 1st shoot ever in a professional studio & although I was a little nervous Puja and her team made the entire setting so comfortable and fun that any reservations that I had quickly vanished. I loved my shoot, I felt so girly & pampered, it was such a new & great experience. Thank you for my lovely portraits!


Beauty Portraits

This year, my eldest child took flight from the home nest to begin a new journey all on her own. When Rachel left for university this past September for her first year of university, I felt the space left empty by her absence. Instead of 5 at the dinner table, there was now 4. While Rachel and I would frequently text each other or faceTime or skype, we still missed her. I remember vividly her birth, her infancy, her childhood and her teenage years. While each child is unique in their own way with their own personalities and character traits, there is an unique bond with the first born, the daughter, the one who you try to do everything ‘right by the parenting book’ as a mother since you have no prior experience. I’ve always loved my role as a mother and spent many hours just mesmerized by the children, watching them, observing them, cultivating them, guiding them and simply loving them.

When I saw your video ad on facebook, I was guided to click on it for more information. This was unusual, as I usually just scroll through the hundreds of business ads every once in a while. I seem to recall what caught my eye was your video ad for a Mother and Daughter portrait. It immediately made me think of Rachel and I as it was coming up to Christmas and the fact that I have never done a professional portrait session with my daughter, and that I also needed a business portrait, I was intrigued to know more about you. I found you on facebook and I could tell by what intrigues you, is also what intrigues me i.e. the secret, spirituality, self development. I knew then that this session would not be just about taking a picture but much deeper than that and that is exactly what I was looking for. From the moment that I talked to you on the phone the first time, I knew that you understood people at that deeper level. When Rachel and I walked into your studio, we were immediately greeted with friendliness, a genuine caring and interest by you & your team. We could talk at the same level and I could see that what mattered to your family is also what matters to my family.

I do remember being hesitant of getting my picture taken without glasses as I’ve never taken off my glasses for a photograph since my wedding day 22 years ago! You and your team, reassured me that the pictures would be beautiful without the glasses as well and so I decided to just let go and put my trust into your hands. I’m so glad I did because you were able to bring out an inner and outer beauty that I had never thought I had. I’ve always been told that I see the beauty in others, that my strength is to see the gift and inner pilot light in others, but when the spotlight shines on me, I tend to shy away from it. Well, for so many hours during the shoot, the spotlight shone on me! At first, I felt giggly and a bit uncomfortable, but I very quickly became comfortable in front of the lens. All throughout the photoshoot, you explained what you were looking for. It was a fun experience! Watching my daughter go through the experience was also a highlight for me because she is so beautiful both inside and out! You were very patient, and took such care of us in every such way. Even when your back was hurting you plowed on, though I was worried about you as a health care provider!

When we came today to look at the photographs, it exceeded my expectations! We looked stunning! I have to say, I’ve never said that before: ) and even without the glasses : )) What I noticed was the sparkle in the eye, the natural look, the lighting, the softness, the smile! I realized I was looking within me and I could see the glow of the inner pilot light shining! As psychology, medical science, health, coaching, creative design are all my areas of interest, I felt you captured all the aspects of me in the photos.

The entire experience exceeded beyond my expectations for my daughter and I. It was a special moment that allowed both my daughter and I to carve away time to step into who we are fully, and to embrace it in front of the camera. Looking at the portraits, I see how much my daughter resembles me not just in personality, outlook but also our outer appearance. I guess the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree! You have the ability to capture both the softness and the strength of who we are. That moment in time was captured for many years forward, and it was worth every penny.

You are right - our portrait folio box is a Heirloom box. It’s a box of Connection, a box of Inner Pilot Light, a box of Beauty and a box of Love. Thank you Puja and your team for putting everything in this box that I will treasure forever!!


Family Portraits / Legacy Shoot